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Campbelltown Fencing & Gates, NSW

Protecting the boundaries of your property is an important part of being a homeowner.

But its not all about just the security of the property, you want it to also look stylish and add value to your home, right?

This is where Campbelltown fences come in, specialising in colorbond and steel fencing installation, providing you with quality fencing options that are both stylish and secure for your property. 

At Campbelltown fences we pride ourselves on providing you with the best quality fencing options and work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are getting the protection for your property that you require. Our fencing options give you peace of mind when it comes to property protection and also help give your property a sense of character and style once the fences have been installed. 

Our friendly customer service team are willing to work with you to discuss the different fencing options available to you and which ones will be better suited for your property, all whilst working within your budget and time-frames. Our team is made up of a number of licensed fencing contractors so you have the reassurance that your fences are being constructed following all necessary guidelines and regulations. 

We are able to assist in a number of different fencing options and can cater to your needs. Our fencing options include:

However it is not just fence installation that we cover, we know that there are different aspects to a landscaping job and at times you may need a concrete slab laid, we can assist in putting you in touch with the best quality contractors that we have worked with to assist you in getting that part of your landscaping design completed as well. 

We are a business based in Campbelltown, NSW however we can assist with all your fencing installation needs across a number of suburbs including:

  • Camden
  • Oran Park
  • Narellan
  • Rossmore
  • Ambarvale

Just to name a few!

We are not just another handyman business that turns up, promises the world and then under delivers. We are a registered business with a team of highly qualified and licenced contractors that aim to deliver each and every job with the highest quality and workmanship.

As we are a licensed business, you know that when choosing Campbelltown Fences you will receive a finished product that is constructed to the legal requirements and regulations that have been set for your area. We pride ourselves on ensuring you do not need to go back for a second opinion or have doubts on the quality of workmanship.

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Timber Fencing
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Timber Picket Fence in Campbelltown
Iron Fence with Pointed Tips for extra protection

We aim to provide the highest quality fencing products to each of our clients and work with you from start to finish to ensure you are happy with the completed product. If you are unsure on the type of fencing that you need for your property or which style to go with, give us a call on 02 9053 8765 and our team will be happy to provide an obligation free quote and provide you with the different options available to you.

We will make sure to give you a step by step guide on how to decide on the best fencing options for your property, which will be the most cost effective and also help you with choosing your colours for your fence – because that in itself is an important job. You want your fencing to be a part of the property and not stick out like a sore thumb!

White Colorbond Fence in Oran Park
Colorbond Fence installed in Campbelltown

Colorbond and Steel Fencing

Colorbond fencing is one of the most popular choices when it comes to boundary fencing around your property. Not only is it more stylish than the cheap wooden fencing that was once popular but it is also a more secure option that provides you with the peace of mind that your property is being protected.

We work with only the highest quality colorbond products and ensure that you get your monies worth, every step of the way. Our team of fencing contractors are not only qualified but they are also highly experienced, licensed and efficient workers. They are able to complete your job in an efficient manner, tidy up afterwards and provide you with details on maintenance and looking after your new boundary fencing.

Timber Fence installed in a backyard on grass
Cedar Wood Fence

Timber Fencing

Although timber fences are not as popular as they use to be as a boundary fence, there is still a time and a place for them in any garden or property overhaul.

We can assist with the installation of a number of different timber fences including those around garden beds, as a feature in the backyard or as the front of house fencing that is seen by all that pass your house. Timber fences have a classic and elegant look to them and we ensure that we bring this look across with every install.

Gate Installation

Whether you are looking for a gate to be installed with your new fencing or just an additional gate added to fencing that is already constructed, we can help!

Did you know that there are different rules and regulations when it comes to adding a gate to your fencing? This is one of the reasons it is important to have your gate installation completed by a professional who understands the different requirements and ensures that they are followed throughout the project.

Colorbond fence built for privacy in Narellan
Wooden Gated fence with padlock

Retaining Walls and Concrete Slabs

In some cases it is not always a fence that is needed but more of a retaining wall.

Retaining walls can be efficient in a number of cases where a fence is not needed such as around gardens and in different landscaping designs so that you can have a divided yard.

A retaining wall can be constructed with many different materials and designed to suit the needs of your yard and design. We can assist you with the installation of a

wooden or concrete retaining wall to finish off the design of your garden. If you require concrete slabs laid as a part of your landscaping we can also assist in putting you in touch with the best contractors we know to complete the job for you. We only refer those who we have worked with before and that we trust to do a quality finish as the same as our high standards.

Colorbond Gate installed in Campbelltown
Straight image of a patterned steel fence.

At Campbelltown Fences we do not look at any job as being too big or too small.

We cater for both those in residential settings and also commercial settings and ensure that we are there to assist you with all your fencing requirements. Our team of licensed fencing contractors are up to date with the different rules and requirements of both residential and commercial fencing and ensure that everything is done to spec – so you have the peace of mind that you are not going to get a knock on the door from the local council man. 

Why not book in an obligation free quote with one of our team members and see what we can do for you and your fencing needs? Even if you are unsure on which way to proceed with, our team can help and guide you in the right direction. We may not be able to keep the pesky neighbour cats out of your yard but we can definitely help with constructing a quality made fence that makes it that little bit harder for them.

For our friends in Queensland, check out toowoomba fencing.

Pool Fencing and Gates, Campbelltown

Security and safety are the number one priorities for any household and as pools are becoming more common in households and common areas including apartment complexes, it is important that you don't compromise on the quality of your legally required pool fencing. Campbelltown fencing offer a range of pool fencing solutions, ensuring that you and your family are never at risk and that they are always safe from falling into the pool accidentally.

From glass, colorbond fencing, timber and aluminium, we have a solution to all of your pool fencing requirements. Call us today and let's make your pool safe and your family safer!