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Pools are a common luxury that most homeowners and apartment/building complexes have as a common amenity. Pools are great for exercise, play and are an excellent way to bond and relax with your family and friends. However, the risk of accidents is often overlooked when people are having fun in the pool, which can be life-threatening.

We must be careful and follow safety measures since everyone is exposed to

potential dangers. This is why we never forget the importance of pool safety. Our team at Campbelltown Fences are specialised in safety and making sure that your pool meets the strict safety standards imposed to keep your families safe.

Fences are used to safeguard properties and fencing for a swimming pool is no different and should be your top priority considering that they are also a legal requirement. It will prevent any accidents and give you peace of mind especially when your child finds themselves unsupervised in the garden. It is important to protect your family, friends and pets and one of the most effective ways is by having a pool safety fence around the pool.

Unfortunately, when it comes to casualties, the most common drowning victims are small children, don’t let your family members become part of this heartbreaking statistic, install a pool fence today!

The reason to build swimming pool fences is endless. Fences are not only to enhance the pool space but also it adds a level of safety to the entire pool environment.

At Campbelltown Fences, we have a variety of custom pool fences. We expertly craft your custom fencing solution and ensure that it meets your budget and needs, no matter what type of fence that you want to install.

We endeavour to make our customers satisfied. We have the knowledge and expertise to install different types of fences such as Colorbond fences and gates, timber fences, aluminum fences and glass fences. Our customers have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of fencing styles depending on their individual preferences.

Wooden Fences are built where all boards are tight against one another. It looks fancier than metal barriers and allows for more privacy so it is increasingly common and popular. However, timber for a pool fence is not recommended as it is more volatile than other types and the wear and tear coupled with the splash-back from the pool can wear down this type of fence faster than usual.

Colorbond fencing is your fence of choice when it comes to your home and pool privacy and safety, easy to install and offered in a range of different styles and colours, there is a reason why colorbond fencing is slowly becoming the most popular choice for all fencing requirements.

Aluminum fencing is extremely durable, low maintenance, and blends in with the scenery. It is a metal fencing that has a powder coating that protects the base of the metal. It is sometimes confused with wrought iron fencing. Aluminium fencing is heavier and more prone to rust and must be painted to ensure it is correctly and adequately maintained.

Glass pool fences are the most stylish of all the fences and they also act as an excellent windbreaker. An elegant choice for a swimming pool fence, there are tight regulations around glass fencing which does make them more expensive, however, when viewing the results, the price you pay for the sophistication as well as safety is more than worth it.

Servicing Campbelltown and the surrounding areas, we strive to be the best in our industry and offer satisfaction to you, our valuable client to be the trusted in your eyes as a fence installer that you can depend upon. 

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