Timber Fencing, Campbelltown, NSW

Over the years there have been many different options when it comes to adding fencing to your property and protecting the boundaries around it.

One type of fencing that has been around for a very long time and is still popular today is timber fencing.

Think the white picket fence around the homes in the movies – this is a look that many people still long for and choose to have around their homes.

Timber fencing is a popular choice for the front of house and as the fencing that is seen when people first look past your home.

It is a simple and elegant type of fencing that gives a classic and homely feel to the property.

Why choose timber fencing?

Timber fencing construction is a popular choice with many people as it is a simple look that can be enjoyed by many. Timber fencing is a way to give a more

natural look to the property and keep it looking casual, simple and inviting.

Timber fencing is also a very popular choice due to the durability of the timber that is used when the fence is being constructed and the timber fences can last a very long time.

Another great reason to choose timber fencing is that you can choose the colour that you want for the fencing. You can choose to leave it as a raw wooden colour or you can choose to paint the fence and give it a bit more vibrancy.

Timber gates can also be constructed to match the fencing design that you have chosen and help bring the whole look together in unison.

Not only can you choose the colour of the fencing but you can also choose the design. Typically you have a picket fence with posts dug into the ground as support, however once these support posts are in you can choose a range of different designs for the rest of the fence to give it a different look.

Vertical, horizontal or panelled timber pieces can be used to create a different look.

Is it cost effective?

Timber fencing is one of the most affordable fencing options when it comes to upfront costs. Because of the materials that are used in the construction of the fencing it means that the initial outlay of the fencing is a lot more affordable that other options.

The timber used in fencing is strong and durable so you should not need to worry about replacing your fence in a hurry and the investment that you have made in the construction of the fencing is one that will continue to provide you for years to come. 

Like with the other fencing and gating options available there are rules and requirements that need to be followed when it comes to construction of the fence including size, height and boundary lines.

As a licensed business with experienced contractors working for us, we are aware of the different requirements and ensure that any fence or gate that we construct comply with these requirements so that you can sleep easy knowing that everything is above board.

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